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Become Involved

Burwell Radio is intended to be a radio station for the community – that means YOU!

We’re Your Community Voice.

We’d love you to get involved with the station in any way that you can. From presenting programs, interviewing local businesses and organisations, reporting local news, to helping us advertise the station throughout Burwell and the surrounding area. If you are 18 or over and would like to join us on our journey through the internet to the homes and work places of our listeners, please get in touch. We are also looking for programme sponsors to help with the financial running of the station.

Current Opportunities

New Committee Member (Finance/Compliance)
We are seeking a new committee member who can take responsibility for finance and overall compliance. This is a voluntary role for our community group, but is one of the key 7 committee roles and so you would have an influential voice in the future developments of this community station. There are no fixed hours, or fixed time commitments – and you would be able to carry out the role from your own location/computer.

This role arises due to the relocation of Alan Todd who gave generously of his time to help set up our infrastructure as a community interest company. Our company articles state that the group is not established or conducted for any private gain; rather that any surplus or assets are used principally for the benefit of the community.

Whilst Alan is of course willing to hand over information to the new committee member, this role would suit someone who is a good communicator and has a working knowledge about the financial/legal implications for incorporated societies. S/he may also wish to get involved in the broadcasting side of the community station and any such involvement would be embraced by the committee.

Please contact if you are interested in this role.


You don’t have to be Zoe Ball or Simon Mayo, you just have to have a sense of fun, enthusiasm and a desire to communicate. If you have something that you’re passionate about and think you’d like to have a go at creating a 30 minute or 1 hour program for us, why not have a go! We’ll give you all the help you need in terms of technical knowhow and assistance.

You might want to offer your ideas for any of the following:
a) A programme that is scheduled weekly
b) occasional cover for regular presenters during holiday / other absence
c) A one-off programme

Ideas for programmes on any topic are welcome, especially where they offer something to the community that is not covered by the BBC or commercial broadcasters. Some suggestions are below:

  • Sports Roundup program.
  • Travel and Holiday program.
  • Cookery program.
  • Specialist Music program. (Jazz, Folk, Rock, Classical etc.)
  • Book Review program. (Maybe a book club)
  • Gardening program.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. If you’d like to have a go at presenting or if you feel that you have any ideas that could be turned into a program, contact our Program Controller, Rob Proctor ( to have a chat.

Interviewers and Reporters
Maybe rather than just talking into a microphone, you’d prefer to engage with people one to one, so why not join us here at Burwell Radio as an Interviewer or Reporter.

We’re currently running a series of 15 minute interviews with local businesses, tradespeople, and organisations, and are looking for Interviewers who enjoy asking questions and discovering all about other people.

You may prefer to be dispatched as a Reporter to a local event or situation and display your skills as a newshound! All we ask is that you have a clear voice and enthusiasm.

Interested? Contact Gavin Richards (

Promoting the Station
Here’s something everyone can do. If you enjoy listening to the station, PLEASE tell your friends and family to go to in a computer/tablet/mobile browser and click “listen”. Alternatively ask Alexa to “play Burwell Radio”, or “Hey Google, talk to Burwell Radio” on a Google smart speaker.