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About Us

We are a not-for-profit community group, with a committee formed from a number of enthusiastic members of the local community. We want to give our members the chance to create and produce content, which will be informative and entertaining for any member of the community with an internet connection. Our incorporation as a ‘community interest group’ (incorporated as “Burwell Community Radio” at Companies House) gives a legal structure to these aims. Burwell Radio is grateful to Burwell Parish Council for a start-up grant, which is allowing us to serve the community with our activities.

We are currently broadcasting a mixture of live and pre-recorded shows throughout the week, particularly from lunchtime onwards. At all other times a varied 24/7 music playlist can be heard.

You can tune into our radio station by entering “” into your browser’s address bar – on computer, tablet or mobile, and then clicking “listen”. You can also ask Alexa to “play Burwell Radio”. Google smart speakers can say “Hey Google, talk to Burwell Radio”.

On Demand
We also have a YouTube Channel where we add a number of our non-music shows and interview features. This can be found here. (Our broadcast license does not allow us to make music covered by performing rights available ‘on demand’).

Burwell Community Radio Committee
Chair – Gavin Richards
Programme Controller – Rob Proctor
Legal, Finance and Compliance – Vacancy
Technical Director – Dave Price
Membership Secretary – Vacancy
Head of Talent – Lisa Nixon
Social Media Secretary – Eleanor Frost